dafa888电子股份有限公司(以下缩写“dafa888电子”),是一点钟高端印刷电路卡出示。,集设计、操作、售、对外商业为所有人的情况高新技术企业单位,懂得深圳dafa888电子有限公司和江苏dafa888电子有限公司两家分店及散布在美国、德国、现在称Beijing、全球售服务业办事处,在香港和其他情况和地面,中国家大事一点钟平民的的电路卡的最具开展潜力。属于2 ~ 32层电路卡的首要产生,包含:HDI板,普通双、多层、高频、厚铜、金属基/核和软板,软板,软硬结合的板。产生广大的应用于通讯设备、医疗器械、军事工业产生、检测零碎、航空与航天空间、佣人电子产生等高科技领土。超越3000的人眼前的全体职员按规格尺寸切割,10000平方米的月产量。

dafa888电子自使成为之后,一向去印刷电路卡的出示和售,增大公司的下有多个分社的旅行社主力和开展。同时安排了一点钟以高级技师为核的同胎仔,由技师、该技术全体职员的结合,有充足的的亲身参与、专业的同胎仔可怕的的技术和更新心理。由于企业单位的扩张,公司专注更新衔接 沟通地球”的企业单位代表团试图性格“dafa888”污辱。

   dafa888电子为的比较级拉长说印制电路电路卡出示领土,HDI和多层膜的变得有条理、可逆的、对高频电路卡天命的战术展现,2011年在江苏省大丰市永圣路电子信息工业区封锁使成为江苏dafa888电子有限公司,高端印刷电路卡的首要出示、HDI板、刚挠结合的板、时新电子元件等产生的传感元件。公司注册资本1亿元,展现封锁数亿猛然震荡的总。争辩描述体主体展现 2013岁暮年终投产,满产后,年产值将管辖的范围10亿元。
Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. (之后 referred to as “Bomin Electronics”) is a national high-tech company which focuses on high-end PCB manufacture and integrates design, processing, marketing and foreign 商业。 As one of the private PCB manufacturers with most development potential, Bomin Electronics owns two subsidiary companies: Shenzhen Bomin Electronic Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd., as well as the global sales offices distributed in many countries or regions such as USA, Germany, Beijing and Hong Kong。 The main products are 2-30 layer PCBs, including: HDI (高 Density 关系) PCB, normal double-sided PCB, multi-layer PCB, high-frequency PCB, thick copper PCB, metal base/core PCB and Flexible PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB。 All of these products are widely used in many fields such as communication device, medical device, military high-tech product, detecting system, aerospace, and consumer 电子。 Bomin Electronics has more than 3,000 employees and the output capability of 135,000 square meters per 月。 Since established, Bomin Electronics has always been devoted to PCB manufacture and marketing, and has been improving the comprehensive strength of research & development and operation & management of the 公司。 Meanwhile, Bomin Electronics has built a professional research & development team which consists of engineers, technicians and middle and senior managers, so that the team has rich experience, excellent skills and Innovation 心理。 On the basis of ever-expanding company scale, Bomin Electronics built the company brand “Bomin” by tightly following the company mission of “Innovative connection, worldwide communication”.
In order to further expand the PCB production areas, and to form the strategic layout of equal HDI, Multi-layer, Double-sided, High-frequency PCB industry, Bomin established Jiangsu Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. in Electronic Information Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone, Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province in 2011. The company mainly produces the High-end PCB, HDI PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, sensors and other new types of electronic component 产生. The registered capital of the company is 0.1 billion RMB and the scheduled total investment is 0.62 billion 人民币。 This project is scheduled to put into production at the end of 2013 and achieve annual output value RMB 1 billion after full 体积。

In order to adapt to the quickly changing social development, Bomin Electronics has established the company development strategy of transforming to high value-added high-end PCB 产生. As the company scale is expanded, high-speed growth must be maintained and the benefit level for whole staff needs to be continually improved to realize sustainable 开展。 In the future planning, Bomin Electronics will as always follow the company value, create new, high-quality rapid and market-oriented products and service, and seize every opportunity to realize long-term strategic objectives and work hard to create a more glorious 逼近。


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